Minor 28 Offshore (Sargo)

Year of production: 2013

Location: Parainen

Manufacturer: Sargo

Price: 137 000 €

( 1 536 257 SEK / 1 022 080 DKK )

Sold 2024-06-20


Perfect opportunity to buy Minor 28 (Sargo) Offshore in mint condition

Finnish Minor 28 is a beautiful and functional boat with everything you need for a maritime expedition in style. Today, the manufacturer's name is Sargo, but basically it's the same boat with a different name. The Minor 28 is designed to withstand even the harshest sea conditions, making it a reliable companion regardless of the weather. This boat has two sleeping cabins.

Experience superior comfort and luxury in the Minor 28 boat. The boat is well equipped and feels like new. Its elegantly designed interior and comfortable seats make every trip enjoyable.

Thanks to a powerful engine and advanced technology, the Minor 28 offers impressive performance and agility, allowing you to explore faraway places without worry.

Whether you're looking for a fishing trip, a day of water sports or a relaxing cruise, the Minor 28 is ready for all your sea adventures.

Take the reins into your own hands and explore the waters of the world on the Minor 28 with confidence and style. Experience maritime freedom like never before and create memories of the best moments of your life.

The boat is located in a warm storage in Parainen, Finland

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Minor (Sargo)


Volvo Penta D4-300


8.8m m


3 m


1.05 m


4200 kg

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