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This is Båtagent

Båtagent was founded in the Stockholm area in 2005 by Niklas Forsén. Demand for used boats grew rapidly and the company expanded with more agents around Sweden. In 2015 the company was acquired by entrepreneur Anders Hultman from Gothenburg. The brokerage business expanded from Sweden to Finland, Denmark and Portugal. In 2023, the company welcomed a new skipper from Finland, Robert Renlund. With 18 brokers, Båtagent offers local presence in an international market. 

We broker the sale of used boats in a smooth, safe way. Båtagent’s team of professional agents have broad expertise and long-standing, solid experience of boats and sales. We always focus 100% on our assignments, and have no involvement in the sale of new boats or commercial marinas.

Our hallmarks

Local presence through 18 agents in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Portugal.

Intensive, powerful advertising of boats throughout Europe.

First-class presentation of the boats we have for sell.  

Completely dedicated to our assignments, with no involvement in the sale of new boats.

Professional agents with broad expertise and long experience of boats and advanced sales.  

A word of advice!

The process of selling a boat often requires significant time and commitment. If you’re thinking of selling, we advise you to contact us today to start discussing options and arrangements. Don’t wait until the week before you want to conclude the sale; plenty of time is key to a successful deal.  

If you’re considering selling, contact us today!  

Want to sell a boat? Contact the agent responsible for the area where your boat is located using the form below.

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