Have your boat valued by one of our experienced agents. Start by contacting the local agent in the region where your boat is located. 

Boat valuation

Båtagent can carry out a professional valuation of your boat. We have many years of experience in selling boats in our brokerage business and have good knowledge of the prevailing market. With more than 1,700 deals completed since 2005, we have plenty of statistics on actual sale prices, and we also have access to databases of statistics via international advertising platforms. 

There are many reasons to have your boat valued. Here are some examples:

• Bankruptcy estate
• Estate investigation
• Inheritance
• Gift
• Divorce
• Joint ownership
• Insurance matters


We charge SEK 850 + VAT per hour. You will receive two original certificates from Båtagent Sverige and an advance notification via email. 

A desk valuation takes about 1.5–2 hours. By ‘desk valuation’, we mean a valuation based on information provided to us by email or letter, including an equipment list, a description and perhaps a few pictures. We value the boat on the basis of this information and the assumption that the boat is in a normal condition and working order. 

A valuation as described above is sufficient in most cases. Of course, we can also inspect the boat thoroughly in person to assess its condition and design. In that case we charge SEK 850 + VAT for our work on certificates and industry statistics, which takes about 1.5–2 hours. Other time expenditure: Travel and inspection of boat: SEK 625 + VAT per hour. Mileage allowance will be added.