Meet Pekka and the Arcona 465 Carbon

In our recent video, Robert Renlund interviews Pekka, the owner of the stunning Arcona 465 Carbon sailboat.

Pekka highlights several key aspects of the Arcona 465 Carbon, starting with its construction. The boat is crafted entirely from carbon fiber, making it incredibly lightweight at just 9.5 tons, yet extremely strong and stiff. This combination ensures exceptional sailing performance, allowing the boat to accelerate quickly and handle beautifully on the water.

Inside, the Arcona 465 Carbon is designed for comfort and luxury. Pekka describes it as a “five-star hotel,” with spacious and well-appointed interiors that make it ideal for long voyages. The boat is equipped with a range of advanced features, including electric winches, bow and stern thrusters, and a variety of sails designed for different conditions. These features make it possible for Pekka and his wife to sail the boat single-handedly or with minimal crew.

Watch the full interview with Pekka to learn more about what makes the Arcona 465 Carbon a standout choice for discerning sailors.

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