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Jonas grew up by the seaside in Mönsterås during summers and learned to love life on the water, mastering motorboat driving at an early age. After trying sailing in an Optimist dinghy and getting hit on the head by the boom more times than one can count, sailing was put on hold until adolescence. It became relevant again when he decided to purchase a \\\\\\\"Stortiss\\\\\\\" and start sailing for real. In addition to his life at sea, Jonas has had a keen interest in the technical aspects of sailing, understanding what makes a boat move swiftly through the water. One thing led to another, and Jonas progressed from the \\\\\\\"Stortiss\\\\\\\" to offshore racing at an elite level, with achievements such as victories in the Gotland Runt, ORCi World Championship gold, participation in the Volvo Baltic Race, Rolex Mid Sea, Rolex Fastnet, and more. Between 2003-2008, Jonas also sailed the VO 60 full-time.

Beyond his sailing career, Jonas has had an outstanding career in bandy at the national team level, boasting three World Championship golds and two silver medals, along with victories in four World Cups and seven top scorer awards.

Jonas is an entrepreneur to the core and has, over the years, started and managed several companies alongside his sports careers. He founded, among other ventures, Sävsjösläpet and has been involved in e-commerce, among other endeavors. With Jonas, Båtagent gains a competent broker with experience in business management, leadership, customer relations, and other qualifications that our clients will greatly benefit from in boat transactions. Additionally, Båtagent welcomes its first world champion in two different sports!

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