The history of the Nauticat shipyard began in the late 1950s when Pentti Siltala from Pöytyä started manufacturing boat hulls from fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

In 1966, they were asked to design a motor sailer about ten meters long, and under the leadership of Viljo Aarnipalo, the shipyard's first motor sailer model, the Nauticat 33, was created. After the success of this model, Aarnipalo also designed the Nauticat 44 and 36 models. In 1975, the model 38 was created in international collaboration, and in the early 1980s, the shipyard's largest model to date, the Nauticat 52, was introduced, followed by smaller versions 43 and 40, as well as an improved version 521. These boats for ocean crossings were designed by the English firm Sparkman & Stephens. During the 1980s, Siltala Yachts produced earlier smaller sailboats under the name Finnsailer, now under the Nauticat S-series. In 1986, Kaj Gustafsson (b. 1941) became the chief designer for Nauticat boats, and he later became the CEO and owner of the company from 1991. He expanded the shipyard's product range with the 35 series, marking a transition from traditional motor sailers to open sea sailers with a pilothouse and improved sailing characteristics.

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