Maxi sailboats represent the ultimate choice for sailing enthusiasts seeking a harmonious balance between performance, comfort, and style. Each Maxi boat is a skillfully crafted symbol of the finest art of boatbuilding, with carefully designed lines and a focused ambition to offer a sailing experience beyond the ordinary.

Maxi boats became known for their innovative design and gained popularity in the international sailboat market. The design of Maxi boats combines elegance with efficiency, providing impressive sailing performance. With advanced sailing features, refined construction, and technology tailored to offer agility and control, Maxi delivers a high-quality sailing experience. In addition to their impressive performance, Maxi boats offer an inviting and spacious interior. Well-planned layout, high-quality materials, and smart storage and convenience solutions create a cozy atmosphere for the crew. Maxi ceased sailboat production in the early 2000s. Since then, Maxi boats have been popular in the second-hand market and have continued to be appreciated by sailing enthusiasts worldwide.

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