Van de Stadt 47 Samoa

Year of production: 2017

Location: Oulu

Manufacturer: Van de Stadt

Price: 320 000 €

( 3 597 117 SEK / 2 387 872 DKK )


Van de Stadt Samoa 47 offers unforgettable sailing trips

With the Van de Stadt Samoa 47 offers unforgettable sailing trips
With the Van de Stadt Samoa 47 sailboat, you can experience beautiful seas, both near and far. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, the Samoa 47 offers safety, reliable performance and luxury at sea.
Van de Stadt Samoa 47's features:
- An exceptional performance
This Samoa 47 is designed by the legendary Van de Stadt Design team. The boat has an elegant and efficient hull that ensures both speed and stability, in all weather conditions.
- Spacious interior
The Samoa 47 has the ultimate in onboard comfort with a spacious, beautifully decorated interior. The cabins and living room are designed to offer maximum relaxation.
- Safety and security
The Samoa 47 is built to the highest safety standards on the market. In addition, the boat is made from high quality materials and expert craftsmen.
- Easy handling
The Samoa 47 is designed for easy handling, this makes this boat the perfect choice for beginners but also for those who enjoy life.

For sale we have a copy of Samoa 47 built in Raahe in 1999. The hull of the boat has 5 mm Rauta rukki steel in the bottom and 4 mm on the deck. The boat was built over several years by experts in the field, which is clearly visible in the carpentry of the boat. The boat was first launched in 2017 and has only been in use for three seasons, in addition to this, the boat has been in heated storage.
Do not miss this opportunity to own a Van de Stadt Samoa 47, your adventures and relaxing days at sea can soon begin!

Contact the responsible broker:
Fredrik & Ann-Margret Hjulfors
Boat broker Finland Björneborg till Kemi

Telephone: Fredrik : +358(0)400 764 402
Ann-Margret: +358(0) 408 329 239

KEY FACTS: Van de Stadt 47 Samoa

Van de Stadt Design




14,3 m


4,5 m


2,5 m


22000 kg



Max Height

23,3 m

Fuel Tank

600 L

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