Lagoon 42

Year of production: 2018

Location: Gislövsläge

Manufacturer: Lagoon

Price: 4 950 000 SEK

( 425 214 € / 3 175 741 DKK )

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Sales pending

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Lagoon 42 from 2018, a modern catamaran with amazing volume. More and more people discovers the benefits of a cruising catamaran, you too?

Lagoon 42 is a modern catamaran that provides a lot of space both in the vase social areas as well as in the cabins down below in both hulls. Each hull is 42 feet, so perhaps she is an 84-footer? In any case, the feeling of space onboard this lagoon really stands out.

This how Lagoon introduces the 42:
An architectural achievement, the Lagoon 42 is a catamaran with an ambitious design and attractive interior spaces. Step aboard and set sail for an ocean of serenity and pleasure.

A marketing statement that is hard to fault.In addition to this, the boat has a number of awards:
Boat of the Year 2017 - Cruising World
Best Boats 2017 - Multihull
Sailing Today Awards 2016 - Multihull
Asia Boating Award 2016 - Best Multihull Sailing Yacht

More information can be found at the Lagoon website,

This Lagoon 42 from 2018 started its life in an owners yacht in a charter program in the Med. After just nine weeks of charter, the owner changed his mind and took the yacht out of the charter program and sailed her to Sweden, where she is currently berthed and has seen very light use for coastal sailing. The is a 4 cabin version with a nice specification. The yacht can been regarded as existing on three levels, on the main level you will find the cockpit, the saloon, the galley, and the deck areas. One level up, you find the helmsman area, from which you maneuver the yacht with a great 360 view. One level down in each hull, you find 2 larger cabins with ensuite bathrooms with a separate shower stall. In addition to these two cabins, there are 2 more cabins that are slightly less roomy, both with their own ensuite bathrooms. As if this was not enough, in the bow of each hull there is a small cabin that can be used as extra guest space as if and when needed. More likely, these cabins will serve as great storage with access from deck.

More and more cruiser discover the benefits of sailing longer distances in a cruising catamaran. The volume and the taste social space all in one level is of course very appealing. Another aspect of the cruising cat that cruisers come to appreciate is the sailing characteristics when sailing down wind, which is the case in most blue water cruising situations in warmer climates. A run across the Atlantic to the Caribbean is one such example. Sail without heeling with a respectable turn of speed is something that is easy to appreciate. The draft of only 1.25 is another things to note. Anchoring is possible in shallow water, giving access to areas not accessible by monohulls.

Maximum area onboard? Sailing without heeling? Accessing safer and shallower anchorages? If any or all of these characteristics appeal to you, a cruising catamaran is hard to beat.

KEY FACTS: Lagoon 42

VPLP Design and Patrick le Quément




Yanmar 4JH57 x 2


12.8 m


7.7 m


1.25 m


12000 kg

Fuel Tank

600 L

WIN Code


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