Hallberg Rassy 42E

Year of production: 1987

Location: Helsingør

Manufacturer: Hallberg-Rassy

Price: 1 150 000 DKK

( 1 767 661 SEK / 154 223 € )

Sold 2022-12-22


Hallberg-Rassy 42E, no 161 of a total of 255, built in 1987. This is a very elegant lady which has been carefully maintained by its owners. A superb long-distance cruiser from Rassy/Enderlein. Now looking for someone to take her on new adventures.

Hallberg-Rassy 42E is one of the most beautiful flush-decked models from the pen of Olle Enderlein after ideas from Christoph Rassy regarding what of a sea-worthy cruiser needs to be.

The concept has proven itself over the years, and even if each generation of Rassy-boats have embellished and enhanced the concept slightly, the basics remain the same throughout. This sure is a proven, well-functioning and safe cruiser that can take care of you on journeys both far and beyond. You are almost guaranteed to encounter at least one Hallberg Rassy Yacht in every harbour around the globe where cruisers meet as they journey the oceans of the world.

The Rassy-concept has over the years just gotten stronger and stronger and all the proven solutions and experience from years of use all over the world are taken into consideration and later becomes a part of the package once you board a Hallberg-Rassy. A Yard that really appreciate the feed-back from its customers around the globe.

This Hallberg-Rassy 42E is no 161 out of a total of 255. She is ketch rigged which for many an ocean cruiser still is a chosen option, due to the many combinations of sail setting you can choose from comprising almost any weather condition you may encounter. The yacht has always been carefully managed and maintained by its previous and present owners.

The septic-tank forward has had deck-evacuation added and the electronics have been in part updated under the present ownership.

All in all, this is a superb long-distance cruiser that is a dream if you are interested in a proper, sea-worthy yacht for long time cruising at sea, both insgore and offshore. She will always look after you in a great way. The open horizon, the call for exploring, and superb sea-worthy characteristics are all key aspect that come to mind when you are on board this boat.

Additional information about HR42E can be found at the Hallberg-Rassy web-page


Length:                                      12.93 m

Beam:                                        3.78 m

Draft:                                         2.05 m

Displacement:                           11 500 kg

Keel weight:                              4 500 kg

Air draft:                                    16,27 m

Fuel:                                           395 l

Water:                                        725 l

KEY FACTS: Hallberg Rassy 42E

Olle Enderlein


Hallberg Rassy Yachts


12.93 m


10.50 m


3.78 m


2.05 m


11500 kg

Fuel Tank

395 L

Hull Number