Hallberg-Rassy 39 Mk2

Year of production: 1999

Location: Södra Sverige

Manufacturer: Hallberg-Rassy

Price: 200 000 €

( 2 336 082 SEK / 1 492 225 DKK )

Sold 2024-04-26


The Hallberg-Rassy 39 is in many ways the archetype of the modern blue-water cruiser. Hallberg-Rassy 39 has a superb quality of build built, is well maintained, and beautiful. Sail near, sail far, the boat will not let you down.

The Hallberg-Rassy 39 was one of the boats helped define the modern blue-water cruiser in the mid-1990s. Gerrman Frer's design is beautiful and in many ways already classic in terms of what we expect a centre-cockpit cruiser to look like. The sailing characteristics are very good and gone are the days when the "Orust boats" were associated with safety but necessarily great sailing characteristics. The Hallberg-Rassy 39 is very safe, but with a respectable turn of speed.

The size of this boat yields enough volume to really make the center cockpit boat layout work well, including the boat's fantastic owner's cabin aft, a large engine room, well-functioning salon and a galley that is safe both at sea and at anchor, toilet with a shower, and cabin number two in the bow. The same floor level throughout the boat is a typical HR trait. This, and a layout with substantial functionality in all respects, make the boat both safe and pleasant to be on under way as well as in port.

This boat has an owner's cabin with a larger berth on the starboard side and a seat on the port side, a solution that really gives a nice owner's cabin. In the salon are the now classic Hallberg-Rassy armchairs. The boat has the larger 76 HP diesel and also has a central vacuum cleaner! It is easy to see that the first owner specified the boat will possible options. The equipment is very extensive on this top boat, which has been stored indoors for the winter. Here is the chance to acquire a real quality boat for joyous sailing anywhere in the world.

More information about Hallberg-Rassy 39 can be found here https://www.hallberg-rassy.com/yachts/previous-models/hallberg-rassy-39-mk-ii

KEY FACTS: Hallberg-Rassy 39 Mk2

German Frers




Volvo Penta TMD-22


12,22 m


3,76 m


1,85 m


10000 kg



Max Height

17,3 m

Fuel Tank

376 L

Hull Number


WIN Code



1,98 m