Greenline 33 Hybrid

Year of production: 2009

Location: Lomma

Manufacturer: Greenline

Price: 1 495 000 SEK

( 132 797 € / 990 546 DKK )

Sold 2024-06-26


Cruising confortably while being eco friendly responsible is a clear raising demand from all of us. Now is a great opportunity to do so thanks to this Greenline 33. Celebrated by the boating community globally, the innovative slovenian Greenline 33 is arguably one of the most awarded craft in history. With 500 units build and 30 awards Greenline Yachts became popular for their hybrid propulsion systems combining diesel engines with electric motors, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and emissions. This 2009 model is now coming for sale. More informations and pictures to come, just reach out if you have any questions.

The Greenline 33 Hybrid is a great eco responsible alternative to traditional boats with big, thirsty engines, which can reach up to 15 knots. The silence in electric mode is just stunning.
Born from the collaboration between boatbuilder (Seaway), boat designer (J&J) and engine maker (VW) has resulted in a practical single-cabin weekender with walkaround decks, seamless indoor-outdoor living areas, and a layout that will comfortably sleep a family of four
The TDI 165HP-5Cyl is a compact inline five-cylinder electronic turbo-diesel engine with common rail injection. There is an electric motor in series near its ZF transmission then the shaft in a half tunnel and the go-fast/go-slow all-purpose prop.
The Greenline 33 has three battery banks: a separate 100amp 12V AGM engine-start battery, one 200amp 12V house AGM battery, and a 240amp 48V lithium battery that powers the electric motor and, through the inverter, creates 240V for your onboard outlets, and 12V onboard power from 240V Shorepower and the electric engine/generator.
The six photovoltaic solar panels on the cabin hardtop generate 1.3kW or up to 80 per cent charge after a full day going nowhere. With the diesel engine running, the adjoining electric motor acts as a 5kW generator that will do the same charging job but in four to five hours. Or plug into Shorepower and recharge to within 70 per cent capacity via the Victron charger/inverter also in that time. Also, thanks to the solar panels, you don't have to leave your boat on Shorepower to keep the fridge cold.
There is a large space for a couple or for can easily accomodate a family of 4.The bathroom is generous and equipped with an electric loo, a shower, opening window and vent. Opposite is an oversized hanging locker.
This greenline 33 brings then cruising in comfort and silence which are always the hardest of all arguments to refute.

KEY FACTS: Greenline 33 Hybrid





Volkswagen Marine Diesel 165hp


9,99 m


3,49 m


0,70 m


4800 kg

Fuel Tank

500 L