Coronet 21 DC

Year of production: 1976

Location: Hangö

Manufacturer: Coronet

Price: 32 000 €

( 359 711 SEK / 238 787 DKK )


Coronet 21 DC -1976

No other series-produced boat has during its time won as many international offshore competitions nor been copied as much as the Coronet 21 Daycruiser. With its elegant classic lines, spacious cockpit, hand-crafted wooden interior and proven seaworthiness, the Coronet 21 DC is in a class of its own, it is and will remain a classic. 

The Coronet 21 DC was one of the top boats of the 1960s in the Nordics, and already became a motorboat legend in its first year. The yard was founded in Copenhagen in 1951 and the first Coronet 21 DC was test driven in 1965. They were produced for tens of years and the shipyard built over 1400 examples of this model, which were then sold all over the world. The Coronet 21 DC was produced until 1977. 

This example we have for sale is from 1976, and therefore one of the last boats to be produced. This means, it also covers all updates made to the model during the boat's year of manufacture. The boat has been restored with care. The engine is a Yanmar 316 Hk diesel from 2003. Berths are available for two. The boat is stored in a hall in Hanko, Finland.

Few other daycruisers convey the same feeling of classic luxury and solid boat construction, which can be explained in a combination of fine lines, good seaworthiness and good quality. With this in hand, the owner of a Coronet can claim to have made a safe investment. 

KEY FACTS: Coronet 21 DC





6.42 m


2.34 m


0.60 m


1500 kg

Fuel Tank

200 L

Hull Number


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