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Our terms of sale

We focus on marketing and selling your boat. We have no dealership or marina to take care of, and that is why we can charge such a low commission and still sell your boat in a highly efficient way.

Target Price Guarantee

Boat Agent offers a target price guarantee. This means that we will together with you agree on a satisfying and reasonable price for the sale. Should we not reach this, can you at any time end our agreement without any cost.

So, there is no economical risk on your behalf.


We charge sales commission according to the following:

The boat’s selling price:

SEK 3.000.000 or more: 5%
SEK 2.000.000kr - 2.999.999kr: 5,5%
SEK 1.500.000kr - 1.999.999kr: 6%
SEK 1.100.000kr – 1.499.999kr: 6,5%
SEK 900.000kr – 1.099.999kr: 7%
SEK 700.000kr – 899.999kr: 8%
SEK 500.000kr – 699.999r: 9%
Lower than SEK 500.000kr: separate offer

The commission covers everything needed for marketing and documentation: Pictures, text, advertising, space at our web site, setting up agreement, time to show the boat etc.

Obviously, you will not pay anything, unless the boat is sold as we have agreed.

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