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H-R 42E

1 285 000 SEK
H-R 42E
Niklas Lindgren
Liable agent
Year of production: 1988
Location: Öckerö
Manufacturer: Porali Marin
Price  1 285 000 SEK / 120 942 EURO / 900 387 DKK

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Should you require more information in English regarding this object, please contact responsible agent: Niklas Lindgren, e-mail:, phone: 0709-50 59 89

42E, hull built in 1988. Interior, rigging and systems completed outside the control of Hallberg-Rassy. Nicely upgraded with among other things a Furlin mast and 100 Hp Yanmar.

42E is one of the beautiful flush-decked models from the pen of Olle Enderlein after ideas from Christoph Rassy regarding what a sea-worthy cruiser should look like.  The concept has really proven itself over the years. You are almost guarranteed  to see one in every harbour where cruisers meet as they journey the oceans of the world.

This 42E from 1988 started her life as a ketch, but has later in life been updated with a Seldén Furlin main mast and is now a sloop. The mast base for the mizzen mast now supports the radar and other antennas on a separate pole. She has, among other things been updated with a 100 Hp Yanmar that has just over 300 hrs on the clock, and new teak decks with somewhat wider planking, a bit of "super-yacht elegance". Everything onboard is well kept and well updated, something that is shown by both the photos of her as well as the list of equipment.

A superb long-distance cruiser that is a dream if you are interested in a proper, sea-worthy yacht for long times at sea, both near and far. She will always look after you in a great way. The open horizon, keen on exploring, and superb sea-worthy characteristics are all key aspects here.


Length: 12.93 m

Beam: 3.78 m

Draft: 2.05 m

Displacement: 11 500 kg

Keel weight: 4 500 kg

Air draft: 17,74 m

Fuel: 395 l

Water: 725 l


0709-50 59 89

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